Jerusalem Branch at Machane Yehuda Market

Call it a Cheese Cinderella story if you like. How do you transform a small cafeteria on Mahane Yehuda market into the best fromagerie in Israel? With loads of knowledge and passion.

Eli Basher is the third generation of owners of the small restaurant on the Jerusalem market, which for 55 years have been serving authentic Jerusalem food to the market buyers and workers. Eli could have followed his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, if not that memorable trip to France when he fell in love with the European cheese tradition.

Eli Basher and 
his fromagerie in Jerusalem
Eli Basher and his fromagerie in Jerusalem
During that trip Eli’s fate was sealed: he decided to import, against all odds, this culture directly into the heart of the market and opened a shop featuring the assortment of cheeses that wouldn’t embarrass any authentic French fromagerie.

Since then he’s been traveling every month to Rungis, the famous wholesale food market at the outskirts of Paris. From hundreds of cheeses he carefully chooses the merchandise that will make its way while it’s still fresh and exquisite to the chain’s stores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and then to the gourmands’ fridges. Soon enough the fromagerie has gained quite a name in Israeli food world and become a place of pilgrimage for the loyal connoisseurs. We can confidently establish that there is no other place in Israel which boasts such a vast assortment of exclusive cheeses imported straight from the dairies in Europe. Of course, alongside the cheeses there are wines, spreads, fine Italian pasta, a nice choice of imported beer, special bread, Israeli dairy products and other small edible things that you don’t actually eat, but rather savor. Basher Fromagerie supplies cheese to a number of Jerusalem gourmet restaurants. Needless to say that not every cheese shop enjoys this honor, which probably tells us best of all about the quality and the overall excellence.

More than 1000 kinds of cheese in the Machane Yehuda branch shop
More than 1000 kinds of cheese in the Machane Yehuda branch shop

In October 2010 the Tel Aviv branch appeared, and the spoiled local public is heartily invited to enjoy the new culinary experience. See details on the branch page.

So what now? Eli Basher has big plans. Due to the soaring demand, new branches are about to open. The Jerusalem branch will remain the chain’s flagship and will be renovated to ensure even more comfortable and enjoyable buying experience.